Covid-19 took me down memory lane….

In this our new normal everything is now online, including the bhawa lol. So last week I managed to watch one of those “Gara Mumba” shows, and the first person I got the chance see was Stunner and he was playing our song “team hombe,” we loved that song (that is my sisters and uncles) at one time we even stole Stunner’s number from my uncle’s phone lol and no we did nothing with it.

The year when this song was a hit, was the first time ever I went to the bhawa hmmmm we couldn’t stop talking about it that my moms had to go check out the place. The year was 2010 and we were at my aunt’s wedding, so me and Val we were salty because we were not included in the bridal team. We got to the wedding late, when the rest of the family left we told them we were going to take a kombi and thats what we did. We got to the wedding late and we were hanging outside like I said before we were salty, so when the parents said they were going home me and Val said we will hang out with Uncle Victor as he was the only one who was tolerating our bullshit. After the wedding my uncle said lets go for the after party, I was like “unko call your sisters,” the sisters agreed, not sure they were told the real story but who cared lol.

We got into the car and we went to Globetrotter, yeah that bhawa that was in Westgate, it was an open space with tents and they had all the cool radio DJs on the decks. Me and Val were so excited, we had made it hehe and my uncle went ahead and bought us our first beers Smirnoff Spin that was the best 18th birthday present, I turned 18 in a bhawa hahaha. The music was on point, we did have fun although my uncle wouldn’t let us dance with the boys lol. It was my first time drinking the whole bottle on my own so “ndakapayaya,” as my late uncle used to call it. As soon as he realized this he took us home and they went on partying without us. For shame!

My uncle was the best shame, a few days after this we were at my grans house getting our hair done when he asked us if we wanted to go to a “Pasa Pasa,” I honestly didn’t know what that was but I said yes, I was 18 and I felt like an adult, of course I wanted to go. This time it was my aunt who called the sisters and all she had to say was the girls are still getting their hair done. I think this was our best New Years party to date, funny enough we never went to a Pasa Pasa that night and to date, we ended up at some house party that was liiiiit!

I know Victor would have enjoyed this performance and he will be saying “bhebhi you see, this is music not ana Gonzi venyu vamakuterera ava.” Before he died I took one of his belts because i had left mine at home and up to now I wear it even when it doesn’t match my clothes I don’t care. Every time I wear it I am always smiling on the inside because this guy was a legend in our family who was loved by everyone.

In 2010 my uncle introduced us to dzemudanga, 10 years later our love for Victor makes us meet up and have one for him, its sad his favorite bhawa was shutdown it would have been nice if we could go there but oh well. Thank you Dziva for taking me down memory lane.

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