The woman with the pulling socks….

A few days ago one of the ladies in our Zimbabwean Ladies group sent a message saying she met a youngish couple at the supermarket and they were speaking shona, why she mentioned it in the group was because the lady was wearing a pulling sock or a wig cap and she urged everyone not to do it because she found it shocking.

So my sister quickly texted me and asked if it was me since I fall under the category of youngish, and I told her no, I did go to that supermarket the day before this lady met the youngish couple and I had my weave out, its old but hey we are going through an epidemic I am not about to get the virus all because I want to look good.

The people started commenting and trust me women are ruthless I was tempted to come from bay 80 where I am always but usually when I do someone exits the group, so I let it go but still it was bothering me. Then Nancia wrote something about women working together and I couldn’t help but feel like I let her down whoever she was.

Obviously those close to the lady who sent the message went to her inbox to ask who it was, I mean if my sister in-law could come to mine and ask so all those close to this lady can do the same so now they know who she is. She definitely saw the message if she is in the group and she now knows that the ladies in this group are not about fixing her crown but rather make fun of her.

No one even bothered to find out why she had a pulling sock in her head, a supermarket is full of people and everyday we receive text saying as soon as you come back from the store wash everything including your hair, maybe she did want to expose her hair so she can skip this process. According to the lady who posted it was around lunch time maybe she wanted to save time and prepare lunch.

Who knows probably they were just going for a drive and they decided to stop by the store and get something real quick or maybe her husband told her to hurry up and she did not have time to fix herself. Did anyone stop to think that maybe her husband likes it that way.

We are going through a pandemic and people are coping differently and I don’t think a lot of people are worried about their looks, all they want to do is get by.

I could be wrong but was it not better for this lady, if she really wanted to help a sister to go to her inbox and tell her, why did she have to embarrass her like that?

Funny thing is this lady can just take off her pulling socks and move on but the same cannot be said about the person who brought this to our attention. We do have a long way to go.

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