When kindness backfires….

One day I got a message from one of my good friends from High School and there was this girl he always had a crush on and wanted me to help get the girl. This girl happened to be in Namibia also so I said what the heck I will play cupid. I got the girl’s name and I started stalking her and realized we had a lot in common.

I sent the request and in no time we became friends, it so happened that we used to go to the same church at that time so after church on Sunday she would invite me to her house and we would have lunch together. Our situation ship grew and if my memory serves me right we used to spend most of our weekends together. My friends at that time were all busy and one guy had told me that the reason my relationships failed was because of my friends which by the way were guys.

Me and the guys were so close, 1 of them we went to High School together and he was the first familiar face I saw when I went for registration. The other 2, we were on the same bus when we went to Namibia that year, its a 24hr journey so you are forced to know everyone in the bus, so we talked and I remember one of them saying if you do pass maybe we will find ourselves in the same classes which we did. We all got together on the first day of registration and we became the squad. Apparently other guys were threatened by our friendship dynamic so I had to find female ones so I can be approachable,I was 19 so I thought it was a good idea and while I was at it I was helping another friend get the girl.

This is why I tried to make this friendship work, one day my friend moved to a place that was not furnished and she needed some furniture, the place I was staying was fully furnished so the items I had bought in first year were in my sister’s garage so I offered to help her out. We went to my sister’s and she decided she wanted a cupboard, so as we were arranging to get a cab my sister arrived and said she would drop her off. On our way, she got a call and whoever the person was needed NAD 500 urgently so she asked me and unfortunately I didn’t have so this friend of mine offered to help my sister out. We went to the ATM they did their transaction and to be honest I don’t know what was their agreement.

All this happened during the weekend, I think on Monday my friend started texting me asking for her money. I hadn’t seen my sister yet, in as much as we stayed in the same area and went to the same school sometimes we would go for weeks without seeing each other due to our different timetables. I know my sister and I knew she would tell me once the money was ready so I didn’t bother her. Midweek the texts became too much and I was forced to forward them to my sister, why I was being insulted up to today still puzzles me.

On Saturday morning my sister just called and said she was at my gate and we were going to give my friend her money back before she went to school, we got to her house and she was not there so I hid the money in her room where she kept all her valuables and I left. The previous day I had my first experience with Mary Jane so I was still a bit high but I knew what I was doing my mistake was I forgot to text her but I informed her roommate. Later that evening the abusive texts started coming again and I told her I left the money in her house and she claimed she never saw it.

Had I not gone with my sister I would have had 2 people that were accusing me of stealing, luckily my sister was there to confirm this. The following day she started texting my sister directly, how she got her number is still a mystery to this day. It make me wonder why she even involved me in the first place when she could contact her directly. My sister told her the same story that we had left the money at her house.

My sister’s house is in one of the good suburbs in Windhoek and she drives a nice car, according to my sister’s theory, my friend saw an opportunity to make money and she used it. When she realized that no extra cent was going to come from my sister, she decided to contact my landlord. Apparently her parents and my landlord were friends so she was as good as family, its a Vamboland thingy we also have friends that are now like family. This lady did not even wait to hear my side of the story so she came and evicted all the students that lived in that house all because of a lie.

I lost a friend, my room and my integrity all because of a NAD 500 transaction that would have been avoided had I stopped trying to be Mother Theresa.

The root cause

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