Thank you for considering me as your friend….

Two years ago I went to one company for a meeting, as I got to the company the reception area was empty, so I sat at the reception and waited for assistance. I waited and waited and no one came so I decided to proceed to the offices, and I did make an entrance becauseContinue reading “Thank you for considering me as your friend….”

It was Love at first bite with my mother in-law….

I am a simple girl, my favorite food includes KFC chicken and Hawaiian twister, chips, burgers, eggs and mustard greens. A few years ago I attended a function and this is where I met my husband and his parents for the first time. It was a bring and share kind of event so my futureContinue reading “It was Love at first bite with my mother in-law….”

The woman with the pulling socks….

A few days ago one of the ladies in our Zimbabwean Ladies group sent a message saying she met a youngish couple at the supermarket and they were speaking shona, why she mentioned it in the group was because the lady was wearing a pulling sock or a wig cap and she urged everyone notContinue reading “The woman with the pulling socks….”

Covid-19 took me down memory lane….

In this our new normal everything is now online, including the bhawa lol. So last week I managed to watch one of those “Gara Mumba” shows, and the first person I got the chance see was Stunner and he was playing our song “team hombe,” we loved that song (that is my sisters and uncles)Continue reading “Covid-19 took me down memory lane….”

Gender equality, a biblical point of view….

On Saturday one of the ladies in our tribe brought an interesting topic to the group which was God related. I was at work and doing my monthly closing but was forced to engage in this conversation mainly because I am always curious to know how people understand God. It was really an interesting conversationContinue reading “Gender equality, a biblical point of view….”

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